Mobile Games
Nexus War
The Astra tore through the sky and descended upon Origin Star. The once vibrant cities were laid waste beyond recognition…The end is nigh on Origin Star, and every race is fighting desperately in hopes to survive in the new age of terror…As destiny chose you, you must now act. Raise an army and seek out the mightiest heroes from the four races of Origin Star – The Humans, Izans, Aokus, Theias, and unite them all to annihilate the Invaders of your home planet. Return Origin Star to its former glory!
Chief Almighty
Strategy Mobile Game in the Stone Ages. Explore the continents with players worldwide. The prehistoric lands are rich with resources and ancient beasts ready for you to explore and dominate. Organize clan mates, assemble ancient beast, awaken your leadership, lead warriors and ally Chiefs to be the Chief Almighty!
War Spell
Welcome to the vast and captivating land of Vathria, where different organizations and groups peacefully coexist. But with the gods absent, kings embroiled in battles, demons invading, and unrest stirring, chaos looms large. It's time for heroes like you to rise!As an astute observer of the impending turmoil, you've decided to take a stand. Rally your team of valiant heroes, train them, and unlock their true potential to face the forces of evil head-on. Harness the extraordinary power of the four gems: Holy Light, Arcane, Life, and Shadow, and summon the unstoppable might of the Holy Sword! Together, let's restore peace to Vathria! Prepare for an epic RPG adventure that will test your tactical prowess and unwavering courage. Do you have what it takes to embark on this thrilling journey? Join us now and become the hero Vathria needs!
H5 Games
Girls X Battle 2
Girls X Battle 2 is an idle RPG game, containing hundreds of Anime Girls. Players not only need to focus on formation of girls, but also need to pay attention to girls'improvements, additionally with unique gear and antiques to help your girl finish legendary battles.
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